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Marco’s Services

Ideas Coach / Invention R & D

Marco is truly a multi-dimensional individual with experience and success in several industries. Marco offers his experience, problem-solving abilities and creativity as a successful inventor to individuals and businesses looking to take a great idea from initial concept through development to production, or who need to get ‘unstuck’ from a particularly challenging problem.

  • Marco will examine your idea, invention or product and will develop unique and effective suggestions to help move you forward towards your goals
  • Marco will help you develop a plan and execute it based on goal setting and practical knowledge
  • Marco can help with invention marketing, with the ultimate goal of bringing your idea to market
  • Marco can help drive sales of your concept with creative selling strategies

Marco’s ‘Inventing 101’ process can assist you / your company to move through the ideation process and take a product from head to hands. Think of Marco as your ideas coach, motivator and creative consultant all wrapped up into one!

If you have struggled with any of the following areas crucial for your success, Marco can help you.


Prioritizing your ‘Pain Points’

Prototype options

Value propositions

Revenue Models

Targeting Disreputable Markets

Building a Lean Feature Set

Aligning with Strategic Partners

Understanding Growth Catalysts


Business Models

Intellectual Property issues

Understanding a SWOT analysis


Contact Marco to discuss his availability to consult on your next “big idea” project.

Sales Training – Individual Sales Coaching or Group Seminars

With over 3 decades of record-breaking sales experience across a wide variety of industries, Marco truly understands human nature and what motivates their purchasing behaviour. Marco shares his experiences and insights in comprehensive, motivating sales training seminars that lay out all of the crucial steps required to better understand customer’s needs and ‘close the sale’. View sales training services and products offered by Marco, or Contact Marco to inquire about his sales training seminars.