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The HEFT Ergonomic Secondary Handle

The Revolutionary Snap-On Handle for Long Shaft Tools

We’ve all been there – we spend the afternoon raking leaves, spreading topsoil or shoveling snow, and the next day we’re suffering with back pain and aches in places on our bodies we never knew existed! In 2008, Marco decided it didn’t have to be this way. He went to work and created the HEFT, a secondary handle for long shaft tools such as shovels or rakes. The HEFT instantly makes these tools ergonomic and eliminates the need to bend.


What also makes the HEFT unique is its patent-pending over/under flexible locking collars, which allow the user to simply click the handle on and off with a turn of the wrist, and in the blink of an eye.   Marco’s invention took the Pitch Tank Bronze Award at the 2012 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas. In 2012, Marco appeared on CBC’s Dragons’ Den TV show, where he pitched his invention to some of Canada’s biggest venture capitalists and has been working with Dave Chilton, ‘the Wealthy Barber’ since 2013.

The HEFT is now available across Canada at Home Hardware retail outlets, and is a true Canadian inventor’s success story.

Visit www.theheft.com for more information.

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