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SCUBA Write Slate & Tank Bank

Unique, Award-Winning SCUBA Diving Products

Marco founded his first “real” company in the 1990’s, MAKO Gear, named after Marco’s favourite shark, the Mako. MAKO Gear focused on creating unique SCUBA diving products. Marco’s design for the Write Slate, an underwater writing tool, mimicked Spanish roofing tiles, with three overlapping slates that secured to a diver’s forearm and offered easy access (and significantly more writing area) than traditional underwater writing slates. Unfortunately, Marco’s Write Slate design was knocked off by an international distributor, and Marco was unsuccessful in going after the company legally.

MAKO Gear Write Slate

A second MAKO Gear product, the Tank Bank, was designed to reduce the uncomfortable bending and ‘gearing up’ of heavy and awkward equipment every SCUBA diver experiences. The concept for the Tank Bank was based on a car bicycle rack; a complete ‘station’ held all of the dive gear (air tank, buoyancy compensator etc.) on the door frame of a parked car, positioned at chest height, allowing the diver to slip into their gear without having to bend and strain their lower back. In additional to lessening the risk of back injuries, the Tank Bank significantly reduced the wear and tear that typically occurs to expensive SCUBA equipment from being strewn across a hard asphalt parking lot. One industry expert noted that the Tank Bank was one of the most innovative ideas he had ever seen in his 30+ years of professional diving.

MAKO Gear Tank Bank

The Tank Bank took the ‘Innovative New Product Award’ at the 1999 DEMA (Diving Equipment & Marketing Association) tradeshow.

The Tank Bank and Write Slate are out of production and are not currently available for sale.