Overcoming Objections

Posted September 14, 2013 3:10 pm by Marco Longley

The four steps to overcoming objections

 sales objections

Overcoming objections can be one of the most daunting customer encounters that every sales person will face.  Here are four steps to help you overcome objections and get you feeling more comfortable when they come up.

1.  Acknowledge the Objection

To have any chance of overcoming your prospects’ objections, you must first have put the effort into building a strong rapport throughout your presentation. In responding to any objection, always acknowledge your prospect’s concerns with an affirmation so they feel acknowledged for their objections.  Here are some examples:

  • “Mr(s) Prospect, I am really glad you brought that up.”
  • “Mr(s) Prospect, that is a great question.”
  • “Mr(s) Prospect, you have obviously been listening very closely and I appreciate that.”
  • “Mr(s) Prospect, that is a very interesting point.”

2.  Isolate, Identify and Rephrase the Objection

When you take the time to listen and rephrase the objection, your prospect knows that you are paying attention to them. Rephrasing clarifies the objection to avoid any misunderstandings. It also gives you a moment to gather your thoughts. By rephrasing to better identify their real issues, you can lighten their concerns, or probe for more information.

  • “Mr. Prospect, would you mind explaining why you feel that way?”
  • “Mr. Prospect, don’t you really mean…”
  • “Mr. Prospect, so you’re telling me…”
  • “Mr. Prospect, do I understand you to mean that…”
  • “Mr. Prospect, “Other than (the objection), is that your only concern?”

3.  Overcome the Objection

You should now have a much better understanding of their objection and why it is important to them. In order to address and overcome their objection, you may have to backtrack or repeat parts of your presentation to more fully explain a feature or a policy to their satisfaction or understanding. In addressing ANY objection, you need to confirm your reply to their objection has been not only received, but also understood. Don’t overcome an objection and leave it hanging out there; confirm it hit the mark.

  • “Now that solves the problem, doesn’t it?”
  • “When you think of it that way, how do you feel about this now?”
  • “I guess we’ve made that clear now, haven’t we?”
  • “Does that make sense now?”
  • “Are you comfortable that we have addressed that to your satisfaction?”
  • “Did that clear that up?”
  • “Did I explain that correctly?”

4.  Ask For the Sale Again

After overcoming the objection and receiving their confirmation that you have successfully addressed it to their satisfaction, ask for the sale again. If more objections arise, continue to address them using the steps outlined above. You must have their agreement that all their questions and concerns have been addressed or they will not move forward to their purchase.

Let me know how these work for you and don’t be afraid to give them a try!

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