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Have you ever had a great idea for a new product, or a groundbreaking improvement to an existing product, but didn’t know what to do with your idea? Or perhaps you’ve seen a product on a late night infomercial that you thought of years ago, or watched ‘your’ big idea being pitched on the Shark Tank or Dragons’ Den? You’re not alone – many people have let the tremendous opportunity of a great idea pass them by.

Just how does someone take an idea out of their head, into their hands, and then on to market? Being an inventor is about more than having a great idea; being able to bring that idea forward into the marketplace is what separates the true inventor from the ‘wanna-be’ inventor.

Marco is the award-winning creator of a number of inventions, including The HEFT™, a revolutionary secondary handle for long shaft tools, which was successfully pitched on the CBC TV Show ‘The Dragons’ Den’ in 2012.  He is a multi-talented ‘ideas guy’ who has been involved in professional selling and sales training his entire adult life, but whose true passions are creating, inventing, and entrepreneurship, and now he is bringing his knowledge and experience to you.

Looking to Improve Your Sales Techniques or Bottom Line? Marco Can Help!

Marco Longley is a been-there, done-that sales professional who has seen every side of sales from working in retail up to and including holding senior sales management positions with several major Hot Tub manufacturing companies. He has worked with sales professionals from Canada to Europe and  enjoyed time spent teaching and working with sales teams in both the Caribbean and Mexico.

In his first year in the Hot Tub/Spa industry, he generated almost $2,000,000 in sales. Marco examines all the crucial steps to ‘close the sale’ through his services, products and seminars.  With over three decades of sales experience, he has ‘walked the walk’ and now shares his experiences and insights which lead him to continuous record breaking sales figures.

With an innate understanding of human nature and by focusing on how to better understand your customer’s needs, Marco lays out a detailed road map of the sales process and what goes on in the mind of the customer to motivate sales. His seminars and training guides provide an in-depth, step-by-step method of how to work with and for your customers; from the minute they walk into your store until they buy your products.

Today Marco offers his experience and expertise to individuals and businesses looking to take their great idea from initial concept to full fruition, as well as to individuals or businesses in need of sales training. Learn more About Marco ,  Marco’s Inventions, and learn how Marco’s Services can help you or your business.

Marco Longley, Inventor & Ideas Coach

Marco Longley, Sales & Ideas Coach


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